"Evaluation is the process of determining the adequacy of instruction and learning" (Seels & Richey, 1994, p. 54). 

There are four sub-domains for evaluation: Problem Analysis, Criterion-Referenced Measurement, Formative Evaluation and Summative Evaluation, and Long-Range Planning.

In the past, my perception of evaluation was focused towards formative and summative evaluation and conduct different assessment activities like: tests, observation, direct questioning, giving them feedback based on an activity they developed, monitoring their work, etc.

The application of technology makes evaluation be more accessible, easy to conduct or plan for the future and it facilitates the collection of information to take decisions.


Problem Analysis 

Design for Learning: Project Analysis

This specific section of the project includes the learners analysis including their strenghts and weaknesses, the needs assessment as well as the performance and terminal objectives for the project.

Theoretical Foundations of IDT: Analysis and Design of a Spanish class

This document presents the description of objectives for this module, the target learners and the delivery method used for this instructional event.

Criterion-Referenced Measurement


Formative Evaluation and Summative Evaluation 

Design for Learning -  Formative Evaluation

For the two-sessions workshop, it was included two phases to conduct this type of evaluation. This document includes the description of both of them as well as how to implemented.

Digitally Mediated Learning - Mobile Device App (simple past-formative evaluation)

There were two formative evaluation tools included in the development of the app (unfortunately the app cannot be run without paying to publish it). One was a series of questions after watching the video (see screenshots) and the other one was as a game. The first one was intended to answer questions in past with information in the video. The second one was addressed to evaluate students' retention of irregular verbs in past.

Long-Range Planning