All of us as teachers have had the experience of having students in our classrooms who are looking at the roof or the window, talking to other classmate, checking their phones in class ... literally not paying attention to what is happening around them. I know, it is disappointing, frustrating and the only thing that comes to our minds is to tell our students that they should be more aware of their learning.

Interest in the MUSIC model addresses this issue and focuses on designing activities that catch students' attention, create expectancy and increases their excitement. We as teachers have the duty to design learning environments in which learners focus their interest on specific tasks or aspects of learning that keep their attention in the class.

Dr. Jones describes in his book 4 strategies that teachers must taken into account to keep students' interest in class. These ones are:

  • Design instruction that catches and holds students' attention.
  • Use activities that pique students' curiosity about the content.
  • Stimulate emotional arousal in students.
  • Design curriculum with a consideration of students' individual interests.

The following PDF files provide a compilation of activities that ESL teachers may include when designing and are related to the four aforementioned strategies.