"Management involves controlling Instructional Technology through planning, organizing, coordinating, and supervising" (Seels & Richey, 1994, p. 49).

The domain of management includes four subdomains of theory and practice: Project Management, Resource Management, Delivery System Management, and Information Management.

My experience in management was basically working as a facilitator for around five months with different groups of students and the way I saw this task was to keep track of their performance during this specific period.

One thing I have learned through this task is to be more efficient and organized as an instructional designer in the application of projects and resources. Learning about management has been useful for me to pay more careful attention to different factors such as time, activities in a plan, resources, information, etc.


Project Management

Project and Report - Project Proposal 

This document presents the description of how the project was managed. It includes a time log for all the activities that were conducted to accomplish the goals for this work.

Product and Program Evaluation - Evaluation Plan

This plan includes the different components to execute the evaluation project. It provides information related to the program, key questions, a timeline for the different milestones and target completion date as well as the data collection instruments.

Resource Management 

Project and Report - Project Time Log 

This document presents the activities conducted during project as well as the specific use of the necessary resources to create the website.

Delivery System Management

Project and Report - Website: Application of the MUSIC® Model of Motivation to design ESL classes  (Under Construction)

To conduct this project, it was necessary to create a website as an instructional delivery method for ESL teachers. The website consists of specific sections for each of the components of the model. The components also include their corresponding suggested activities so ESL teachers can design their classes.

Tech Tools - Spanish Lesson

The interface used to deliver this module was a website that contains the grammar explanation, pronunciation of some of the most common descriptive adjectives in Spanish, practice and extra material.

Information Management 

Foundations of IDT - Trends in IDT

This document demonstrates how different information sources were used to write this paper on E-Learning in HIgher Education in Latin American countries. Authors were properly cited as well as the sources of information.

Introduction to Learning Sciences - Tornado in the Cube Paper

This paper is the result of researching and analyzing different sources of information related to Immersion, Virtual Reality and Simulations.