My learning experience this last year and a half I have been in my ITMA program has been one of a kind.  When I came to Virginia Tech, I just wanted to learn how to use technology to make my classes be more engaging but at the end I learned more than this. I have learned a lot about technology and instruction and how both of them play an important role in society nowadays. In order to understand this better, I analyzed different learning theories and factors that influence the acquisition of knowledge. My view of technology has also evolved and it has a different value because of the powerful effect it has in human performance.

Step by step, the program gave me opportunity to start designing in small processes and scales which later evolved into more complex and in depth tasks. This was meaningful to better understand the different components of the AECT standards and its guidance for instructional designers. This program has definitely met all the expectations and it has given me higher expectations of what is going to happen in the future. I believe that my new knowledge is going to be a apply in different ways in the future. Now, I have more ideas and new that will help me design instructional events in a more effective way.

Reflection on past practices 

Reflection on the five standards established by AECT and how I performed each of them before starting my ITMA program. It also describes the problems I encountered in performing each task and how I attempted to solve those problems.  At the same time, this reflection presents significant successes I have experienced with respect to each of the tasks.

Reflection on current practices 

Reflection on the five standards established by AECT and how I currently performing each of them. Also, it describes my understanding of how instructional technology is reflected in each standard. I

Reflection on future practices

This reflection reflects upon the specific ways in which ITMA has affected me and how each of the standards will impact my future as an instructional designer.

Revision PlanPortfolio Peer Evaluation and Revision Process 

Document that presents the reflection of the peer evaluation I received from two classmates about the elaboration of my portfolio.

Foundations of IDTPersonal Learning Theory

At the beginning of the course, I was asked to reflect on what I thought my personal theory was. At the end of the semester, I did the same writing based on the learning theories studied in class.

Design for Learning - Figure and Ground Power Lesson

For this class, I designed a 10 minutes workshop explaining and exemplifying what Figure and Ground is. At the end of it, I wrote a reflection on what I liked about the session and what I would do differently to make it better.

Design for Learning - Domains of Learning

Reflection of why it is important for instructional designers to know about Domains of Learning. This document also provides my personal insights of the four domains and examples for each of them.

Digitally Mediated Learning - Process and reflection on the Stop Motion Video

This paper presents a reflection on the process of making the video and the conclusions of developing this activity.