"Utilization is the act of using processes and resources for learning" (Seels & Richey, 1994, p. 46).

There are four sub-domains for utilization: Media Utilization, Diffusion of Innovations, Implementation and Institutionalization, and Policies and Procedures.

In prior experiences before starting my ITMA program, I saw utilization as incorporating a variety of activities into the classroom in order to make the classes more engaging for my students. This included videos, listening or speaking exercises that were related to the content I was developing.

I see utilization as a powerful tool to make arrangements between the different types of interactions that happen or may happen in a learning setting. This domain is relevant to evaluate and take decisions at the moment of delivering instructions.



Media Utilization and Diffusion of Innovations

Introduction to Learning Sciences - Case Study Analysis: Designing for Activity

This paper presents the study of a case study on how to use Activity Theory as a framework for new technologies and activities, by contrasting two projects: BeeSign and Learning Physics Through Play.

Introduction to Learning Sciences - Learning from the tornado in the Cube.

This document shows the analysis of the project entitled "3D Meteorological Immersion Experience: Tornado in the Cube," within the Institute for Creativity, Arts and Technology (ICAT). The perspective given to this analysis is based on the learning sciences perspectives to figure out how this project can be used as an educational learning experience.

Factors such as Immersion, Virtual Reality and Simulations are discussed as well as their overlapping features and applications to the tornado project.

NOTE: Both aforementioned papers are included in two subtasks because both comprise related features. The two of them demonstrate the application of research and theory in the selection and utilization of technologies for learning as well as the public dissemination of both in terms of future publications.

Implementation and Institutionalization  

Tech Tools - Twitter Workshop 

This workshop was designed and implemented in a classroom setting. It can be replicated in different contexts using the materials and strategies included in the plan.

Program and Product Evaluation - Evaluation Project

This document presents the design of an institutional evaluation for the Global Initiatives Office at Virginia Tech. Within it, there is a specific section that concerns the involved stakeholders and their decision of what they will do with the evaluation findings.

Policies and Regulations 

Program and Product Evaluation - Political/Ethical Challenges

This section deals with the identification of possible professional ethics challenges within an evaluation program. It describes each challenge as well as suggested strategies on how to address them.

Project and Report - Applied ID Project (In Progress)

Before working on this project, it was necessary to identify any copyright or trademark issue with the creator of the MUSIC Model of Motivation. He kindly agreed on allowing the development of this website by giving credit to his work and adding the trademark symbol in the header.